Sunday, 24 August 2014

Crochet Away ...

Woo hoo!
My pink flowery blanket has sold! 
(dancing a little happy dance)
I do hope it's gone to a good home!
*    *    *
So now onto my next crochet projects. 
 I have two on the go - one that is red and blue and cream - and all stars. 
This one I'm hoping to get it to a single bed size.
I will post photos another day.
As today I want to show you the other one I've been working on.
Do you ever get stuck choosing colours? 
#There are times when I just stare at my wall of wool and just can't decide what to put with what.
The other week I was in such a quandary. 
I'd got several balls out and put them together but nothing was speaking to me.
Then I spied my Seasalt bag hanging on the back of my chair.

And inspiration struck!  Why not try those colours together?

The yarns I had didn't match exactly but I was extremely happy with the colours I had together.
So I had navy, mauve, turquoise and a green, which I thought I'd surround with a parchment shade from Stylecraft Special DK range.
I decided to use the Sunburst pattern. 
This is a lovely pattern I've found on and I love! 
So here are my sunbursts ready to be squared off and bordered by the parchment shade.

And here is the blanket as work in progress ....

I am loving it! 
The shades are definitely now speaking to me,
 and I think they look superb surrounded by the parchment shade.
One slight problem - I ran out of the parchment last night
- so have had to make an order for some more (sshh don't tell Jonathan!)

What do you think?  And do you have the same problem with choosing your colours sometimes?
*    *    *    *    *

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