Tuesday, 19 August 2014


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I'm not sure if I have mentioned on here before about Postcrossing.       
BY-1238280 It is a fantastic idea ... basically you register at www.postcrossing.com - which is totally free -  where you can list what sort of postcards you'd ideally like to receive ie animals or castles etc (there is no guarantee that you will receive these BUT it gives the sender something to go by and hopefully try and fulfil your wish).  You then get the chance to send five postcards to random addresses they assign you from all over the world.  You can see then their profiles and what sort of postcards they'd like to receive.  Choice a card for them, write a message along with the unique code that relates to that postcard.  And then you wait .....

US-2732242When your postcard has arrived it then triggers your address to go into the system and you will then receive a card from someone somewhere in the world.  You also then have the opportunity to send another card as at first you can have five postcards travelling at one time.  This number increases with the more postcards you have sent and that have been received.


DE-3080462It is brilliant as it means you definitely receive some nice mail and not just those nasty old bills.  The variation in the postcards you receive is amazing too. 


RU-2739813In our household we have seven of us - and five of us are Postcrossers - Jonathan, Katie (his daughter), Luke and Adam (my sons) and of course, me!

UA-1066140                I went nosing around www.zazzle.co.uk today and decided it may be worth uploading some of our designs there with the potential for others to purchase them.  Jonathan takes fantastic photos and I did suggest at the weekend when he was uploading them to flickr that it may be worth him uploading them onto a site to sell. 
So .... I opened a shop on there too - totally free - and have one postcard there at present ...
and the shop name is Crafty_Phoenix_Lady just to keep the brand name across the board!

I confess, it has become rather an addiction.  When we go somewhere new I feel this compelling need to check out their postcards.  I remember collecting postcards as a child.  My parents belonged to the National Trust and we visited a fair few houses especially on the way to and the way from places.  My particular like for postcards at that time was for the four-poster beds - and actually I am still rather partial to these and beds with quilts on too - surprise surprise!

I love this hobby and have currently sent over 200 postcards and received about the same amount in return.  Not bad for some nice mail through our letterbox!


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  1. what a cool idea... I have never heard of this before... thanks for sharing Lucy x

  2. It's fabulous. Adam loves to look at the globe to see where his are coming from sometimes. I've got Skoggy from The Global Square Exchange into it too! x