Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Blues ....

I had a fall over ten days ago.  It had been raining after being quite hot and dry for a while, and the bricks in the footpath were quite slippy.  I was going down some steps holding a bag and my "craft" trolley" and slipped a bit on the first step, managed to right myself and then on the third slipped again and wasn't able to save myself from falling.

It hurt, but what made it worse at the time was that there were people around - and no-one - not even one - asked if I was okay! 

Anyway, the bumps and bruises have all cleared up, except for my ankle which I must have knocked or twisted as I fell.  I have been able to walk on it, but it feels rather strange - a bit like something is chipped or sticking out or something.  Well by the end of last week it was swelling up in the evening and starting to hurt even more. 

So Jonathan and I spent Bank Holiday Monday afternoon up at A&E.  They x-rayed it and couldn't find anything fractured, so told me that they think I must have sprained it quite badly and that I was to rest it, have it up and it will take time - but it will get better.  So that's good news - just got to figure out how to rest up with my daughter and the four kids around and Jonathan away at work!

Anyway, knowing that we would probably be waiting a while I grabbed some yarn and a pattern I hadn't tried yet and stuffed them in a bag.

I have chosen to crochet blue squares

and all out of my stash - so it's a great way of using up what I have ;-)

and surround them all in white.  I am joining as I go which is so much easier and means it works up quicker for me!

I love blue - it is one of my favourite colours.  And I particularly love blue and white together - it just looks so fresh and pretty.

I'm even using my blue crochet hook!

So - another blanket on the go!  However, look what arrived today ....

 ... so my other Seasalt inspired blanket can be finished soon - I hope!

And, of course, I can have my foot up and rest whilst I'm crocheting ....

*   *   *


  1. Your work looks lovely Lucy, so incredibly even. Sorry to hear about your fall though, hope you CAN rest and you will feel better soon xxJoan Packard

  2. Sorry about your fall, I love that blanket the squares are very pretty in design xx

  3. Falling sucks... But it is a good excuse to hook some more. Hope you feeling better real soon hun x