Monday, 18 August 2014

Italics and Cherubs and Frogs and Spots

I have had a fairly productive weekend
despite Trixie thinking that behind my sewing machine
was the ideal place to make her bed for the day!

She doesn't look happy at me taking a picture of her!

Anyway ... I decided to make two more drawstring wash-bags
- and as usual I decided to make them at the same time!

 So I used some lovely fabric with italic writing all over in the form of bills, receipts, postcards etc and picture of cherubs and stamps ... I love it!  I chose a muted salmon pink with a gold streaking across it and some beige striped fabric to go with it, along with a dusky pink lining.

The second one I had some pink polka dot fabric with frogs all over which I matched with pale green polka dots and a pale apricot shade with cream spots all over to line.

The Italics and Cherubs sewn up ... just need to find the right ribbon for the ties ...

(I keep my ribbons in a huge Cadburys Chocolate Drink tub - and believe me when I say it's full!)

A rich cream wide ribbon chosen for the ties

Ready to stitch the channel for the ties and to chose the ribbon for the Frogs and Spots bag ...

I found a nice pink striped ribbon - it almost looks like ticking
- which I thought went really well with the pink froggy fabric.

And here they are finished and hanging outside in the sunshine ...



I particularly like the Italics and Cherubs bag -
I think because I really have a thing for fabric that has text on at the moment.
What do you think?  Which is your favourite?
And me being me and not wishing to waste any of the offcuts
made some lavender bags out of them
This picture above shows them just before I hand-sewed the openings up.  Which I did whilst watching Parenthood (I love that film!) with the family last night.
Adam was sat next to me and said he wanted the frog one because in his words "I like pink!".  I said that I'd made them to go in The Crafty Phoenix unit at The Emporium in Yeovil, but I would happily make him one - and he could chose his own fabric.  So off he shot (well limped as he's hurt his leg somehow when he was at his dad's) and brought back some purple fabric he'd found on my worktable.
This morning I picked out a couple more fabrics - just to give him a choice before I went ahead and made his - and he went for the football fabric.  Here he is - happy with his new football lavender bag ...
See how early I got down to making it - he's still in his dressing gown! 
Actually that doesn't really prove it's the early hours as it is now nearly three in the afternoon
and I do believe Adam is having a "dressing gown day" today!
*   *   *   *   *


  1. I'm glad other people's children have PJ days and it's not just mine! I like the pink froggie bag... coz I love pink and it has been said that I am as mad as a box of frogs!

  2. My youngest loves spending the day in his pjs! Jonathan's daughter will spend all day in hers too, as soon as she gets home she changes into hers.

    So that's one vote for the pink frogs and spots bag. Are you really as mad as a box of frogs?!

    Thanks for reading and commenting - it means a lot to me.