Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bells and Whistles and Granny Squares

Yay!  I am slowly managing to get to grips with adding buttons to link to my Esty shop and Pinterest etc.  Gosh!  Who would believe it would be so perplexing!  Luckily I have one super-geeky man in my lovely partner and he's been on hand when I've been tearing my hair out!  So thank you so much Jonathan.  It's partly my fault really as I am quite determined to figure this out by myself and I do have my own IT person right here and I really should use his talent today as he's off to work tomorrow and won't be back until Friday night.

I belong to Ravelry ( 

This is an absolutely fantastic site for knitters and crocheters.  There are literally pages and pages of patterns - some free and some not - but it is like having your own library on hand all the time.

There are forums on there too where I have met such lovely people who create like me.  It is a really great place to go and meet like-minded people.  A lot of the forums run swaps which vary from a monthly set theme and you gather together gifts relating to that theme and things that you think would suit your partner and then post it to wherever they are.  There are quite a few over in the USA.  Or there are swaps of the good old crochet Granny Square.  Usually swapping 6" squares to a set pattern or to your partner's colour tastes/requests. 

Honestly, if you haven't tried it, you really must!  However, be warned, there is a time lapse thingy that happens when you go on and somehow you can waste hours ....!

I'm on there as LucyMc96 if you do happen to visit.

So, last night I sat and made four 6" Granny Squares for two swaps.  Both my partners like purple so it was good to just get out three balls of yarn and crochet away.  These are made using the pattern  It really is a lovely pattern to make and makes up quite quickly too.  What do you think ....

And here they are all packaged up - I do like to make them look pretty.  Don't you think it's nice to receive a prettily wrapped parcel as it shows a little bit of thought has gone into it.
Hope they like them!

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