Friday, 10 January 2014

Friendship Square and Two Christmas Granny Squares

On Ravelry there is a forum called Friendship Square Exchange where each month a theme is set and we're given one partner and we make them a 6" square in our interpretation of the theme.  They don't know who is making their square, so it's all a surprise until they receive the square.

I finished mine last night.  The January theme being "Snowflake/Snowman".  I made so many snowflakes and stars over Christmas that I decided to go for a snowman ... and here he is ...

What do you think?
There are plenty of forum and swaps taking place all the time on Ravelry    - so it's well worth going to have a look - even if it's just to get some free patterns (of which there are loads!) - but I do warn you, once you're there it another of those Bermunda Triangle places - a bit like Pinterest!
I've ended up being a moderator for one of the groups - Never Ending Granny Squares Swap.  The two previous moderators just left the group! On this one we have an On-going Scrap swap with the hope of using up our scraps and receiving lovely squares from others.  Every month there is a themed swap - either a set pattern or colours or theme (ie Valentines).  We can have up to 3 or 4 partners at a time swapping 2 6" squares with each.
Sometimes you do have a swap where one of the partners is ill or for some other reason can't complete the swap and in those cases someone makes "angel squares" to replace the ones that didn't arrive.  I've just had to make two and they are for one of the members who is collecting squares in Christmas colours ...
  This one is the first time I've done this stitch - and I'm really pleased with the result.
This one is an old favourite of mine - so easy to do and looks really pretty.
So, now you can see how I spend my evenings - in front of the TV with my yarn and hook!

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