Tuesday, 7 January 2014

This one's for you Jonathan!

I've just received a text from Jonathan saying "Wot no blog update?"

So, just for that, my dear, I'm going to show off your work today.

As I said previously the boys and I moved in with Jonathan and his kids last February.  The boys really got the short straw in the bedroom stakes and had a smallish room that they shared - they wanted to share as they had in our house before.

However they were keen for Jonathan to make them a themed bedroom.  Matthew's is a Viking theme and Katie has a Stable theme.  Well the boys were determined not to be left out and requested a Star Wars theme.....!

Well after hours and hours of work and daily comings of wood and more wood ... well to be honest I didn't really see Jonathan unless I took him up a cup of tea or he was hungry!

It was completed just before Christmas so when the boys came back from their dad's (where they'd had Christmas this year)_on 27 December we taped up the door ....

And waited for them to open the door to their new bedroom (at the other end of the house and in the room that used to be the dumping ground!) .....

May the Force be with you Luke and Adam ....

So .... how talented do you think my man is?! 

For me - he's the best!



  1. What a fab room xx

  2. Thanks Laura! The boys love it. We've got some photos with the boys going in on the day they got home and I really wanted to put them on but I think they may be on Jonathan's phone. So when he's back at the weekend I'll try and sort putting them on and you can see their expressions!

  3. Wow! Totally wow! May the Force be with you all!

    1. Really appreciate that especially knowing what a Star Wars fan you are Skoggy! x

  4. Really appreciate that - especially knowing what a Star Wars fan you are Skoggy! x