Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Confessions of the Christmas Throw

I belong to a group on www.ravelry.com called The Global Square Exchange where basically we exchange knitted and crocheted 6" square.  We choose our own themes and/or colours and then make two squares for your partner in their chosen theme/colours.

Mine started off as Christmas themed and colours as I'd had a couple of other swaps and had some odd Christmas squares.  I thought it would be nice to have a throw that just came out for Christmas.

So by November time I had received many many squares from some extremely talented and generous crafters - so I started to put it together with the goal of finishing it by Christmas.

Confession time now ... it wasn't finished by Christmas!

However we did have it on the back of the sofa looking very Christmassy and every evening I would sit down and crochet a few more squares on.

Last night I finally finished the border.  I choose to do a row each in white, green and red to pull the Christmassy colours together.  If you look carefully there is one blue and white square that someone made for me - and I like that little quirkiness of an odd one in there!  I believe a quilt is always supposed to have one mistake in it because nothing is supposed to be perfect.

So ... here at last ... and ready for Christmas 2104 ... is my Christmas Throw ...

*  *  *

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