Sunday, 12 June 2016

Minty and Pink Baby Cover

You know when you have just one ball of yarn and it's not enough to make anything big or even striped on a jumper.

The ideal solution is to include it in with other yarns and make a little baby blanket!

This particular yarn was a baby pink fluffy (I think it was called Angel something or other) yarn.

I had found a pattern I really wanted to try with flowers in hexagons ...

I decided that I would make all the flowers the same 

and use various minty and pale greens as the borders on each ...

So off I went using the join-as-you-go method - so much better as there is no sewing up
 - only the sewing in of the ends that haven't been crocheted over!

I even worked out how to make half-hexagons to fill the bigger gaps down the side.  

I decided to leave the top and bottom as slightly wavy - I like the edges to be a bit different sometimes.

And hey presto ... a little pretty baby cover - big enough to fit over a baby in a pram or a toddler in buggy, or even as a cuddly in the car!

* ~~~ * ~~~ *


  1. Yes very pretty and I' m sure will be snapped up very quickly if it goes to your store xx Love it